Course curriculum

  • 1

    How To: General System Videos

    • Overview & Navigation of Verint

    • How To: Creating Organizations

    • How To: Creating Users & Managing Profiles

  • 2

    How To: WFM Specific

    • How To: Creating Work Queues & Skills

    • How To: Creating Activities

    • How To: Create Shift Events & Shifts

    • How To: Create Work Patterns

    • How To: Create Assignment Rules

    • How To: Create Rotations

    • How To: Update a User Profile Min & Max Hours & Assign Work Patterns

    • How To: Create a Campaign & Scheduling Period

    • How To: Link Work Queues to a Scheduling Period

    • How To: Check Queue Analytics to see if real phone data is flowing into customer system

    • How To: Create a Forecast & add Shrinkage

    • How To: Add Service Goals to Forecast

    • How To: Generate a Schedule

  • 3

    How To: QM Specific

    • How To: Create a Form

    • How To: Create a Shared Inbox

    • How To: Create a Flag

    • How To: Use Assignment Manager